How to Start an Appliance Repair Business


If you’re ready to be your own boss, to take matters into your own hands and start an appliance repair business, you’ve just made a very positive choice for your future.

Now starting a business might seem like a huge task, and it’s certainly not small, but it amazes me how many people make it harder than it needs to be. When it comes to starting an appliance repair business, it can be really easy! That is, if you want it to be.


Really. I mean it.

In case you haven’t come across my training program before, my name is “Uncle Harry” Raker. I’ve been in the business for over 40 years. I’ve seen it all and I’ve trained every type of student in the book. If you follow my lead, learn the basics, listen to and do what I say, you will be successful. It’s that easy!

But wait, Uncle Harry, you learned on appliances that are 40 years old! How can you teach me to repair appliances today?

Well, that gets to one of my tricks of the trade. Most appliances, from the old ones to the new, use a lot of the same principles and schematics that they always have. If they didn’t, you’d need to learn how to repair 1,000s of different products, and even I wouldn’t want to do that! And fortunately for both of us, you don’t have to.

So what will you need to start your appliance repair business?

  • Reliable transportation and a working phone.
  • Some work clothes that make you look like a professional. Not a suit and tie, but someone who knows how to get work done!
  • You’ll need to learn the tricks of the trade and how to get your phone ringing.

But Harry, how do I learn the trade and get my phone ringing?

Well, you’re in luck. My appliance repair training courses on Trade Commander will give you all the information you’ll need to learn the trade, to get your phone ringing, how to talk to customers, how much to charge them, and much, much, more. Don’t question if it’s possible to start your own business. You can, trust me. I’ve trained 1000s of students before you and given them the tools and tips to run a successful appliance repair business. The ones who listen succeed. The ones who don’t, don’t. It’s that simple. It’s that easy.

Ready to be your own boss? What are you waiting for? Get started!

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